Kingdom Rush – a medieval tower defense game

Gamers enjoy medieval themed games (who doesn’t like the medieval stage in Age of Empires?). There is something exciting about knights and archers intertwined with a bit of magic, both beneficial and dark. When there is magic, there are daemons as well (sometimes even dragons). Mix all of the above in a blender, add a tablespoon of creativity and pretty graphics and you’ll get Kingdom Rush, a game by Ironhide Game Studios.

Kingdom Rush is a tower defence game, which means there is a scene which contains a preset path. One side of the path needs to be protected from (usually) evil forces which arrive from the other side of the path in waves. In order to do so the player needs to build various towers by the path’s side. In this particular game, player has a choice of four different towers. Barracks produce foot soldiers which can obstruct the path therefore slowing the progression of the opposing force. Archer towers provide ranged support. They have fast attack speed but deal small amounts of damage. Mage towers are also ranged and deal magic damage with slow attacks. Both archer and mage towers can attack air units as well as ground units. Dwarven Bombards have the slowest attack speed. However, they deal large amount of damage on a wide area. Each tower has upgrades which make it more powerful. In addition, after three upgrades, each tower can be transformed into one out of two final forms which have their own abilities.
By strategically placing the towers by the side of the path, the player’s task is to destroy all enemies before a set amount of enemies reaches the end of the path. The player has two active skills which can be utilised to prevent being overpowered by the enemy. Kingdom Rush proved to be a worthy opponent which happens to be a rarity these days.