For the Football Fans

How can people make football even more fun than it already is? Play football using the heads of the players of the different teams around the world, that’s how!

Sports Heads Football Championship 2015-2016 (Wow, that’s a mouthful) takes all of your favorite players and uses their heads as your very own player for a 1 on 1 football game with all the other heads. It’s a pretty simple game, with very simple controls, and with a very simple objective. The game puts the character you chose into one of two sides, either the left or the right side, next to the goal you need to protect, while the opposite side will be occupied by your enemies’ head protecting his goal. If a player kicks (or, in any other way, puts) the ball into the opposing goal, that player scores a point. The player with the highest score within 1 minute of game time wins. There will be, however, different stuff that can either help or hinder you on achieving goals. In random points during a match, a little picture will appear on a random spot on the field, and hitting the ball with it will activate it. These can have a variety of effects, including a smaller goal for the player that last touched the ball before it hit the power up, getting frozen in place, and a lot more. The winner of the match will move on to face another opponent, until you reach the championship. One cool feature of the game is a save function, which saves your progress on your PC, so if you want to stop today and play again tomorrow, you can just continue from where you left off. Another cool feature is a 2 player mode, which pits you against another player sharing one keyboard. Bragging rights can now be a prize!

Football fans, rejoice! Sports Heads Football Championship 2015-2016 is a great and fun soccer game that can keep you glued to your screen for hours without ever getting bored.