Whack Your Neighbour

Neighbours can be quite a nuisance, as we all know. Some of them will even constantly nag to you about even the smallest things such as your dog pooping on their lawn. According to Brutal Studio, one way of dealing with an annoying neighbour is to whack him, ergo the title Whack your Neighbour of their new game.

Whack your Neighbour is a flash game in which a nagging neighbour comes to your yard while you are grilling your favourite sausages. The neighbour won’t leave and keeps blabbering about how your dog did the number two on his lawn. When you have enough of it, you decide to whack your neighbour in a creative way.
By clicking on an ordinary item located in your yard a short animation starts showing how that item can be used in murdering a neighbour in a brutal way. When the animation is finished you can rewind to the point where you can choose another item. The game offers thirty two different methods of whacking your neighbour, each bloody and gruesome in its own way. The only thing they all have in common is that the neighbour ends up dead.
The game is drawn with black lines on a white background, and the only other colour is red; the colour of the neighbour’s blood, which adds even more discomfort to the disturbing nature of this game. Sounds in the game consist mostly of screaming of the poor neighbour so it’s recommended that you lower the volume or play the game with headphones on to avoid your neighbour calling the police.

Whack your neighbour was made for entertainment purposes only and you shouldn’t try these methods when talking to your neighbour in real life.