That Red Button

Being a robot son sometimes can be hard, especially if your computer mom wants you to go and press a Big Red Button that can be found on the 36th level. That’s where you come in.

That Red Button is a puzzle-platform game that lets you control a little robot that is being ordered to press a button, and that sounds easy enough, except you would have to go through tons of different stuff that can destroy you. Fortunately though, your computer mom will be with you all the way, and will be giving out little tutorials along the way to make sure that you get to that button safe and sound.

You control your little robot by using A and D on your keyboard to move left and right (respectively), or the left and right arrow keys to do the same. Pressing W or the up arrow key will make the robot jump. Good platforming is essential to beating the game along with good puzzle solving. Both puzzles and platforms can be done by using the robot’s ability called Copy, which copies the movement pattern of any enemy that is on-screen. By clicking an enemy, the robot and the enemy will be surrounded by a little circle, and will have a line between them. If the enemy moves left, the robot will move left, and so on. This skill is very useful for crossing unreachable platforms, or warping through walls. Yes, you can warp through walls if you place your Copies correctly. Each level will have an exit door that you will need to reach in order to get to the next level. Some levels will have screws and easter eggs that you can collect as sort of a challenge. Also, as you progress, there will be more types of puzzles for you to solve by using the robot’s abilities on some other different things, like spinning gears.

No one knows what that button will do once you press it, but who are we to disobey the orders of our creator, right? I got curious, finished the game, and pressed it. Now it’s your turn. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you. This game is too awesome to skip out of, so go ahead and try your puzzle solving skills in That Red Button.