Good old Portal

If you have not played the game Portal before playing this, then I have only one thing to say to you. Why have you not played it yet!? Portal is praised as one of the best games ever created for the PC. So if you have not, and I can’t believe you have not, played Portal yet, here’s your chance to get a preview of the awesomeness that Portal is, but that’s not to say that his version is any less awesome. The Flash Version is almost equally just as awesome as the original Portal game.

Portal: The Flash Version is just about the same game as the original Portal, albeit a few graphical differences, of course, since this is all rendered in flash instead of the Half Life Source engine in which the original Portal ran. In any case, you control a character whose name is unknown but is only called by a number, since he isn’t the first one to be experimented on. You control your character by pressing the W, A, S, D keys and shoot using your portal gun by clicking on the left mouse button or pressing Q for a blue portal and E for an orange one. This is where the fun part starts. Portal is all about solving puzzles using your portal gun. Whatever enter one portal, exits the other. You will be using this mechanic all throughout the game. By shooting one portal on your feet and one on the ceiling above a high platform, you just made yourself a path to higher ground. Need to get to the other side? Shoot a portal on the wall at the other side and one on your feet, and voila! Instant pathway! The portal mechanic will need a bit of getting used to, but it really isn’t that hard, the difficult part is how you will solve all of the puzzles using your portal gun and survive being a test subject.

Portal will forever be remembered as a classic. Though this version is run on Flash, which doesn’t really do too much justice to the original, this game is still a great game on its own and not something that you should ignore if you want a very good action puzzle game.