Dungeon Grinder

Dungeon Grinder is as the name suggests, it’s an automatic grinder (in which your player moves by himself as he traverses dungeons) filled with dangerous dungeons with a lot of loot to be had.

The game starts with you just choosing to start a new game, check the instructions, or check the patch notes. Once you click on new game, there’s no turning back. At first, your hero will be walking through the plains, going in and out of caves, dungeons, castles, and some other places where he can find loot. He will continuously enter places without you having to press a button, and will come out once he’s done. The amount of time your hero takes to finish a dungeon is determined by your hero’s EP (Exploration Point) and the dungeon’s RP (Resistance Point). EP determines how much RP is reduced every second, and once a dungeon’s RP reaches zero, the hero will come out of that dungeon with money and some loot if he found some. Loots can be equipped, but check the stats first, if you have already equipped items that give higher stats than the loot you just picked up, it would be a better idea to sell it for gold.

Your hero will also have skills that will increase your hero’s EP, making dungeon exploring a lot faster. To upgrade skills, simply click on the skills located on the lower left of the game screen. Upgrading skills will cost gold, so clearing a few dungeons and selling a few loots should be done so you can upgrade your skills. Once you feel like your hero is strong enough to go to a different area with harder dungeons, you can click on the “Locked” tab next to the “Plains” tab to unlock a new area. The dungeons will have higher RP but will have better loot. Once you’ve outgrown the new area, just click on the next tab to unlock a newer area, and so on.

Once you explore you 100th dungeon, your hero will pick up a Reset Orb. Using this orb will reset the game, specifically, the areas you can explore, your EP and skills, and your gold. Your equipment will remain, so you can keep on adventuring with better stats from the start. Resetting will give you Experience Points depending on how far you’ve come in dungeon count. Experience Points are pretty important since each point will increase your EP by 100%. So say you gain 1 experience point by going through a hundred dungeons before you reset. Normally, you’d start with 1 EP, but now that you have 1 experience point, you will start off with 2 EP, and every 1 EP you gain through skill levels and equipment will be multiplied by 2, which makes going through dungeons EVEN faster than before.

You can say that grinders can become a bit boring after a while, but don’t take Dungeon Grinder for granted. It’s such a simple yet fun game that playing it for hours wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. I mean, I’m on my third hour playing it right now, and I don’t have any plans on stopping yet.