Double Post: StrikeForce Kitty 1 and 2

Double post today 🙂 2 StrikeForce Kitty games!

Cats have always been funny. I don’t think anyone can really say that cats aren’t funny, especially as memes and such. So now, a game filled with cats with a bit of story has popped up, and it’s really hard to resist playing it. The cuteness in this game is too much. But hey, I played for the cuteness, but I stayed for the gameplay.

Strike Force Kitty starts you off with its story, in which goes like a Mario style type of story where a princess is kidnapped, and a group of kittens are sent out to save her. The story is pretty typical, but the story really isn’t the main strength of this game. Once the game finishes the story, 4 kittens are sent out of the castle to save the princess, in which a tutorial will start. The 4 kittens will be yours to control, but they will walk forward automatically. You have the choice to jump or drop down from platforms. As your kittens walk along, they will be running through and collecting cat treats that will be used as a type of counter for experience points. Collect enough treats, and your kittens will level up, giving them points to distribute to 3 different stats, namely Stamina, Strength, and Hit Points. Also, as your kittens walk through the paths, they will encounter different enemies. The way fights go is your kittens will bump the enemies, reducing the enemies’ hit points according to your kittens’ strength rating, while the enemy does its own damage to any kittens that bump them. This goes on until your enemies or your kittens are wiped out. Enemies killed in battle will drop items that they are wearing, which you can then put on your kittens for additional stats. At the bottom of the screen will be a bar, which is the kittens’ combined stamina bar. The moment the bar runs out or your kittens lose in battle, the game will end, the treats will be counted, and you will be sent to an upgrade screen where you can upgrade your stats and equip your kittens with any equipment you’ve picked up. Rinse and repeat. You do this until you get to the end of the path.

Will the kittens be able to save the princess? Will the princess ever be able to see her castle again? Why not play Strike Force Kitty and find out?


If you have ever thought that sometimes more can be bad, then playing Strike Force Kitty 2 will have you thinking that you’ve never been more wrong in your life. Strike Force Kitty 2! More kittens! More Costumes! And a lot more adventures for all the cute little kittens! Brace yourself as you go on a longer, better, and cuter adventure with your kittens while they put on costumes from other different games and shows that some of you might recognize.

If you have played the first game, then you will be pleasantly surprised with all the different additions to the game. If you haven’t played the first game, it’s not very hard to get into it because it’s really simple and really fun, and also, why haven’t you played the first game yet!?
Strike Force Kitty 2 starts you off with its story, which is really kind of confusing, either you have to save someone, or you’re in a way, but in any case, you are sent off to the far side of an island to infiltrate a castle, and everything starts from there. You are given 4 kittens that are under your command, except, they will keep walking forward automatically. You get to control jumping on platforms and falling off platforms, both of which will be very important since the paths will be filled with different enemies and stuff to collect.

Paths will be filled with cat treats (shaped like little fish), and collecting these treats is a huge part of your team’s growth. The treats are used as points to spend to leveling up any of the 3 stats a kitten has, all of which will make your team last longer on the field.

Paths will also have enemies that your kittens will be up against. Much like the first game, everything is automated, so you get to watch your kitties fight other kitties without having to move a muscle. Your kittens will bump an enemy, dealing damage equal to your kitten’s strength stat, and will receive damage equal to your enemy’s damage stat. This happens repeatedly until one team loses all of their hit points. If your team wins, your team will continue walking, and will pick up spoils that your enemies will drop. If your team loses, you will have to restart the path. However, you start the path with stronger kittens since after losing, you will be sent to an upgrade screen where you can use all the treats you’ve picked up to strengthen your team, and you can also equip and costumes you find, effectively increasing a stat (it’s different for each item, so put on the ones that you think will be better for your team).

Defeat all the enemies! That’s the only way to go on Strike Force Kitty 2. Defeat them with your cuteness!