Wrestle Jump

Wrestle Jump is a game that is exactly what its title says. It’s a game with 2 wrestlers locked in like an arm lock or something, and the goal is to bang the head of the opposing wrestler on any hard surface by jumping. It sounds simple, but it’s a lot more than that.

You take control of a wrestler and press one button to stretch his bent legs to launch him into the air, or use it to maintain your balance, depending on the situation. To the casual player, this may seem like a game of chance, but to the competitive, it’s actually a game with a bit of depth and strategy to winning. Should you jump up to bring both of you to the air while also risking your head falling first, or just hold the jump button to keep your legs stretched and keep you head away from the ground? The game will not give you too many options since the only button you have is a jump button, but strategy dictates otherwise. Winning all comes down to how you manage to keep your head safe while giving your opponents head the worst day of its life.

A wrestler has to win 5 rounds to win the game. Every round brings the 2 wrestlers to different areas with different terrains, making planning your next move a very important part of the game.

So what can make this game even more fun? You can bring in another player that you can play with instead of the AI. If you ever need to settle something quickly and in a fun way, and if you liked Soccer Physics, try Wrestle Jump.