Everybody loves potatoes. It is actually amazing how the Internet has turned an ordinary vegetable into a symbol. Potatoes are awesome in their way, but Potato(e) (the game) left me puzzled. Created by Screaming Duck Software, potato remains one of those games which I do not talk about with friends.
First of all, let me get one thing clear: this game has absolutely nothing to do with potatoes. Potato(e) is a puzzle game. It is a game with no instructions (the game makes this very clear, it is even written on the main menu). On the main screen there are only two buttons: Go! and Huh? If you thought pressing Huh? will give you more of an explanation, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The game apologises for not having instructions because it is not *THAT* kind of game. You will have to figure it out yourself. Because the whole game is shrouded in mystery I don’t feel comfortable revealing what kind of puzzles the game offers. The first level can be finished rather easily, but a few levels later frustration kicks in. I don’t think Potato(e) was meant to be played all at once. It is a game which requires frequent breaks (to calm down and think about the puzzle).
The game can be bought for under a dollar on Google play and, honestly, having it on your phone might be a good idea. I believe playing Potato(e) during a boring class will frustrate you so much that you’ll rather pay attention to the professor than think about the game. There is a risk of smashing your phone if you are on the aggressive side of the universe, therefore thread carefully.
All in all, I enjoyed Potato(e), with its shroud of mystery and hard simplicity, until I met a worthy adversary in one puzzle and decided to go write another review.