Impasse, noun: a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock. With this in mind, let me present you with a small, frustratingly amazing game with a name you can already guess. Yes, the name is Impasse and it was made by Wanderlands.

Impasse is a logical puzzle game which gives you no tutorial, no first level help or any other way of letting you know how the game is played. This seems to be a new thing among the puzzle game creators since I’ve found a few other puzzle games which tend to throw you straight onto the first level.
As mentioned before, this is a puzzle game. You play as a white circle with a plus (+), surrounded by different coloured circles as well as empty space. As you play you figure the goal is to reach the green circle without ever touching another circle or the level will restart. However, not every circle is equal (not unlike life). Grey ones are stationary, like roadblocks between you and your goal. Orange circles have an arrow pointing up and purple ones have an arrow pointing down. Light blue circles have a minus (-) on them. With each step you make the circles around you will act accordingly. Orange circles will move upwards, purple will move downwards and the light blue circles will disappear only to show up again with your next step. Grey ones will hold their ground, though (they are the most boring ones).
The game has twenty four levels. One would think that is not much but as you play on, levels will seem quite easy until you try to play them. Then you will get confused. After a while you will get slightly annoyed. Finally you will be so frustrated that you will stop playing the cursed game and write the review because you’ve spent over an hour trying to pass a single level… But, I’m digressing.

All in all, Impasse is a great puzzle game with puzzles which require you to flex your brain and even when you are facing a situation which seems to have no possibility of progress, just remember that the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is none other than 42.