1212! is a puzzle game designed to look like Tetris, but is totally not designed to be as frustrating and speed centered as Tetris. The goal of 1212! is simple. You are given an empty grid and 3 pieces of different shaped clumps of blocks, you put the blocks in any way and order you want into the grid, making sure that you can fit all of the remaining blocks into the huge grid. Once the first 3 blocks are put into the grid, you will be given a new set of blocks to place on the grid. Every time you create a full line from one end of the grid to another, that line disappears, much like how it works in Tetris. The cycle keeps going until you can no longer place one block from the given set of blocks into the grid. The biggest difference between Tetris and 1212! is that whereas Tetris rewards quick decision making and quick reflexes, 1212! rewards planning and strategising, no matter how long it takes. Another interesting mechanic is that sometimes, you will be getting a flashing block. This block can be placed over another set of blocks on the grid (each block of the set should hit one block), and everything that is under the flashing block will disappear.

1212! is a great puzzle game for those looking for a challenge that doesn’t involve speed and reflex. Each and every move should be made calmly, and should be calculated properly to account for the next set of blocks. If you think you’ve got the brains to play a challenging puzzle game, then give 1212! a go. It’ll leave you wanting more, I guarantee it.