Drink Beer Neglect Family

Alcohol is bad for you (trust me). Drinking causes a lot of health issues, not to mention that it leads to an addiction which destroys entire families. Drink Beer, Neglect family by Suhail Habib gives a certain perspective to this subject.

Drink Beer, Neglect Family is a rather simple platform game in which you play as a husband and a father of two kids. The goal of the game is obvious from the title: collect as many beers (and drink them) while evading any contact with your family. The game is set on a stationary screen with ladders and bridges connecting platforms on different heights. By using the arrow keys to move and Z to jump, you have to get to the next beer without having any contact with photos of your wife Moira, daughter Lara or son Walcott. Touching their photos will take you to memory lane and cause you to sober up which ruins the whole Drink Beer, Neglect Family experience.
As in real life, each additional beer will grant you the gift of forgetting your problems but also it will give you side effects. Some of the side effects can be helpful, while others can make your goal of drinking another beer a living hell. For example, if you forget how to climb ladders in a platform game, that can prove to be a problem. Puking often causes you to stop and puke every five seconds and bad timing might get you in contact with your family. Have you ever been so drunk you fell off every bridge you crossed? It can happen though, and everybody knows that under the Drink Beer, Neglect Family level there is an Alcoholics Anonymous hell.

All in all, Drink Beer, Neglect Family is a simple yet addictive game (see what I did there?) which takes a dark concept of a serious subject and converts it into something humorous.