A small game about cats: Garbage Cat

Everyone knows that cats are secretly trying to take over the world and in the process some cats decided to make a step further and make our lives miserable by leaving hair everywhere, tripping us on the top of the stairs etc. Garbage Cat is a small game about one of those cats which wakes up its owner every night at 3 A.M. The game was made by Will Herring.

Garbage Cat is a pixelated one room destruction game in which you control the owner’s cat. Your sole mission is to wake the sleeping owner up. There are three ways to lower the poor guy’s sleeping bar. By using arrow keys you can move around and bump into things that crash when they fall on the floor. With Z you can meow and cry all the time and X is used to knead with your dumb little paws. When the owner wakes up he will acknowledge the true evil nature of the Garbage Cat and the game will end.

As a person who never owned a cat, I am unable to understand the masochistic nature of cat owners or the sociopathic behaviour of the felines. All I know that the maker of this game is awake every day at 3 A.M. which led him to make a game about his evil cat.
There could be a lesson in Garbage Cat, and I have found mine. If you wish to learn one for yourself, play this tribute game. It can be finished under a minute.