Bed Hogg

Everybody loved pillow fights when they were young! Well, maybe not everyone. I’m sure there were some pretty angry mothers involved as well. Wouldn’t it be awesome to return to those childhood moments where the floor is lava and the pillow full of your life’s dreams is the deadliest weapon you know of? Bed Hogg, a game by 01010111, takes you back to your childhood, at least for a little while.

Bed Hogg is a pillow-fighting game set in what seems to be a parents’ bedroom. Your mission is to defeat your twin in a fight by using the ARROW keys to move around, SPACE to jump, D to attack, W to charge attack and A to throw the pillow. Only by killing your sister and sacrificing her spleen to Cthulhu can you be the ultimate pillow-fighting champion! Or, you know… Get three points and run out of the room… That also works…

Three points are required to win a match. Each time you manage to hit your twin you get a point. On the other hand, being hit takes a point away from you if you are in the lead, or gives another point to your twin if she’s ahead. For instance, if your twin (controlled by a great big force called Artificial Intelligence) gets the first point, you need to hit her four times in order to win (once to remove the point she already has, and three more times in order to win). This system ensures a challenging fight every time. However, in order to be the true winner (even after scoring three points) you have to escape the bedroom leaving your defeated twin behind to (I choose to believe) explain the situation to the not-so-happy parents, adding insult to injury as only a twin can.
All in all, Bed Hogg is a small game, fun to play for a while, but nothing you won’t forget a month (or less) from now.