An interactive story: Every day the same Dream

“5 more steps and you will be a new person.”

Wake up. Turn off the alarm. Wash, eat, and dress up. Drive to work. Work. Go home. Sleep. Wake up. Turn off the alarm… Sound familiar? It’s because the time we live in has taught and trained us to do repetitive actions each day, every day. It’s called life. Or is it?
Every day the same dream is a short interactive story made by molleindustria. It is a story of an average working man allowing a wide audience to identify itself with the protagonist. He is a man with no face and no name, has a wife with no face and no name, drives an average car and works in a cubicle among hundreds of identical men. Like the title says, every day is the same. Same routine, same traffic, same work.
While playing, you can interact with several objects and a few people. But that is all you really need because it’s not about how many people you interact with, it’s WHO and WHEN you interact with. Using only ARROW keys and SPACE you will make five steps which will change your life in game, and your perception of life altogether. There is no one (again, both in the game and in real life) who will tell you what exactly you need to do to become a new person, or even what does that mean. It is all up to you to figure it out. However, the game gives you a hint via the Elevator Lady which will count down how many more steps you need to do to become a new person. When you complete a step it will return you to your bedroom, symbolising a new day (or a new dream).
Every day the same dream is a short game which will haunt your thoughts for a long time even after it is finished.