The return of the mighty knight

When a word “knight” is mentioned most people think about medieval times, while others’ first association is monsters. As a gamer, I belong to the latter because of the many games I’ve encountered in which a knight (or a paladin) sets on a quest to kill all sorts of monsters. Mighty Knight 2, a game by Firebeast, is no different.

Mighty Knight 2 is a medieval monster fighting game with side scrolling levels and an isometric view. There’s no background story to give an extra perspective, instead you are thrown into the battle and left on your own to figure things out. Only thing that’s obvious from the beginning is your task: to kill all the monsters! There are twenty five levels (or stages) split into five sectors (five stages each). Each sector has 3 bonus missions which leaves a total of forty playable levels. Levels are split into screens meaning that clearing one screen will take you to the next one and clearing all screens completes the level.

During your travel you will encounter a lot of different enemies whose information is stored in the Journal. Since the enemies get stronger with each level, it’s only fair that you can level up your heroes as well. Each completed level or achievement will provide some experience points which you can then use to level your characters. Each new level will give you one skill point to use. Health, armour and damage can be found on all characters. However, each character has three additional skills which are unique to that character.

You can play with up to four characters at the same time and switch between them any time you want. If you play alone, that is. Two-player local co-op is also available, adding to the playability of the game.
Mighty Knight 2 is a kind of game which grows on you, especially if played with a friend.