Super Stacker 2

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” said a wise man. This proverb can be recycled to a version which fits Super Stacker 2: “Life is like riding an angry bull. You will fail many times but to keep your balance you must keep playing.” The game was created by Gaz.
Super Stacker 2 is a puzzle game including physics, balance and shapes with faces on them. The game is a stack-em-up puzzle meaning you gave a series of shapes and your task is to balance them so they don’t fall out of the screen. Physics are extremely well designed which adds to the overall reality and improves gaming experience. You have to balance your way out of forty levels in order to complete the game, which then unlocks Bonus Mode in which the shapes you are required to use are given to you in random order, making it easier to pass some levels but way harder on most others. The levels tell a story, too! Sometimes you can figure what needs to be done just by reading the title of the level. These subtle hints are, in some occasions, your only lead.
The most enjoyable aspect of this game is the freedom to let your imagination take over. Solving a level with a different combination than the one expected feels incredibly rewarding and the faces on the shapes add to the beauty of the game. Shapes come in different colours and dimensions. Above the level is a tray showing which shape will arrive next allowing for some planning. For those with enhanced creativity there is a level creator offering infinite creativity.
All in all, the game doesn’t fail to impress, showing that a simple game can provide as much (or even more) fun as the complex games.