A Sleepy Game…

Do you often lay in bed wide awake, having trouble falling asleep no matter what you do? There still might be hope for you. Sleepy Game, made by Luiz Fernando Modotti, is made to make you… Well… Sleepy. Or is it?
If you are the one to judge by the title, you might expect a rather boring game with repetitive music, and you would right and very wrong at the same time. Sleepy Game is a physics game in which your task is to clear the level by removing all the sleeping boxes. Boxes are randomly thrown over a two dimensional level, lowering the feeling of repetition even when you are playing the same level again.
The concept is simple: by clicking on a sleeping box, it will be removed. However, it is not always as easy as it seems. Boxes come in different colours, and more colours are introduced as you reach higher levels. There is a two colour limit at any time and you are allowed to remove only the box with the same colour, which adds a certain amount of difficulty to the game, especially in later levels. Furthermore, if the boxes are moved they will become disturbed and will wake up, lowering your health as long as they are awake. Once they stop their sliding or falling, they will ease into sleep again.
A bit of tactical playing is required, as well. If you remove all the free boxes at the beginning of the level, you will end up having to remove the only box which holds a whole pile of other colourful, sleepy square-heads causing them to wake up and having to repeat the level as your health is depleted.
Sleepy Game is a small yet very enjoyable game, with a calming environment and soothing background music.