Wheely 4 Time Travel

Ever since the Cars cartoon, intelligent red car games have been popping up on the Internet. The Wheely series has succeeded in keeping the public interest and Pegas Games team released Wheely 4: Time Travel.

Wheely is a red Beetle car with big blue eyes and restless eyebrows that just can’t stop getting into trouble. In this sequel, after a flat tire and some new parts from a mechanic friend, Wheely gets teleported through time. Trying to get back into his own era, Wheely travels through time, meeting a bunch of different characters and helping everyone on the way. With each completed level, our favourite red Beetle gets some energy to fill the time travel machine. When full, Wheely travels to another time. In the prehistoric era, he meets what would best be described as the Flintstone’s cars and even gets eaten by a giant dinosaur. After helping seal the tomb of an evil mummy he helps build Big Ben tower and even travels on a steam boat. Of course, what would time travel be without a little future? After meeting a friendly futuristic robot mechanic, Wheely gets some thrusters which allow him to levitate. After a lot of trouble and travelling, he manages to get home to his friends.

The game’s concept is of a simple adventure game, where all items coloured in red can be interacted with. Simple puzzles are perfect for teaching kids the basics and fun of playing adventure games. Graphics are cartoonish, fitting accordingly into the whole game’s concept. Three stars can be earned on each of sixteen levels; first is for passing the level, second is for finding a model of Wheely on the map and the third is acquired by finding the wheel also hidden on each level.

Wheely 4 keeps up with its prequels, which can sometimes be a hard thing to do. Hopefully this is not the last we’ll see of Wheely.