Exit Path

Did you ever struggle to find a way out of some place? Perhaps a shopping mall or the labyrinth? Maybe even prison? If you did, then you know how hard and dangerous the way to freedom can be. On the other hand, if you never did experience the need to find a way out, Exit Path (a game by Armor Games) offers that exact experience.

You play a stick figure champion who is trying to escape from an oppressive community which doesn’t value people’s lives. In order to reach freedom you need to pass through 30 deadly levels. Spikes, lasers, saw blades and gaps are just some of the traps set specifically to kill anyone trying to reach freedom. Each level is followed by a commentary on a big screen. Usually it’s the rules and regulations (written in an amusing matter) of the city you are trapped in, but one level stands out. Just when you think you have reached freedom, lights turn on and what you thought was the way to freedom ends up being a massive death trap. A giant billboard shows the right way with an arrow drawn in blood which reminds a lot of Portal.

Achievements are plenty and it takes some serious effort to collect them all. In addition, each level has hidden danger signs to collect. The game offers a multiplayer mode as well, if you are willing to register at Armor Games website.

Beautiful level layouts, intelligent decoration design and good music make this game enjoyable to play. After finishing the game Voltaire’s quote shows up (no, I won’t tell you what it is), adding intellectual aspect to the game. All together, Exit Path is a game for those who like a good challenge, as well as some intellectual hints in their games.