Charms of Lavender Blue

For those who are looking for a new visual novel game, Charms of Lavender Blue is probably something you should try. Charms of Lavender Blue is a simple yet entertaining variety of an Otome game, an interactive fiction game that usually centers around a female character that will eventually develop a romantic relationship with any of the supporting characters in the story. Although most Otome are established in Japan, this genre has been recognized globally. In fact, most of them are already adapted into anime including Uta no Prince-sama and Sakura Wars. Usually, these games don’t involve heavy action and will focus mostly on the plot.

Charms of Lavender Blue is a typical visual novel in which your main goal is to finish the plot and achieve the kind of ending you have always desired. The game involves decision making and what makes it more interesting is the fact that each decision you make will affect the ending. There are four possible endings (positive, neutral or negative ending) depending on your decision. In this game, you play the role of a highschool girl Nabi whose family suffers from a curse that is triggered by love. In this curse, whoever loves them will try to kill them eventually unless they got the magical pendant charms that will prevent her and her future fiance from such terrifying fate.

In the entire course of the game, all you need is to follow the story and occasionally a question will be thrown at you and you just have to choose your preferred answer. Unlike other Otome games, Charms of Lavender Blue will only focus on one couple and it doesn’t have any dating simulation either. Here, you’ll meet a guy named Pierce who happens to be your childhood friend who also has a knowledge about the family curse. The guy also possesses a charm but of course, I am not going to spoil much about the story so you better discover it and play this game at your own risk. Will there be a happy ending for Nabi and Pierce? Will the Curse will soon be broken? Or it will end up is such tragic story? Feel free to play it to find out!