Build an Empire

Building an empire has never been so easy. Start out from scratch but and establish your own stronghold. GoodGame Empire lets you do all of this, in a medieval atmosphere. It is a casual strategy empire building browser game that offers a wide range of wonderful features. Empire is the inspiration for that other GoodGame game, Shadow Kings (which you can play here if you wish). The only difference is that it doesn’t involve any fantasy creatures. The aim of this game is simple: build the strongest and the biggest kingdom of them all. This can be done in many different ways. You can increase the population, construct buildings, gather resources and to conquer other castles by sending off your army.

The Empire game is free to play game but the player is required to create an account. Initially, the game will merely focus on building an empire. A series of quests will be given to you; they are mostly about constructing various buildings including the civics (farmhouse, dwelling and more) military and several others. Once you have enough strength, the game will start to focus on expanding your kingdom and improving your reputation which can be done by summoning your army to the nearby castles and attacking them.

The game also features an achievement board, daily bonus system and more interactive features. You can eventually join alliances which allow you to help other players to destroy other empires. It also involves an in-game chat system which gives you the chances to shoutout some important message to your members. The longer you progress, the more demanding the game will become. Upgrades tend to consume much time, enemies tend to become more powerful and the recruitment of new army will become more painful. It also involves in-game purchases particularly the rubies which serves as a premium currency in this game. They can be bought but they can also be obtained by completing some quests and gaining new level.

Generally, GoodGame Empire is a very decent browser game, with solid gameplay, visually stunning environment, amusing music, and commendable longevity! Play it here, or check out some more screenshots below.

SCreenshot 2
Screenshot 3