Screen Head

Remember those times when your mom keep reminding you to treasure all your things and each of them got their own value? Well, it seems like it is a kind of advice that the people in this game should have followed that instead of throwing a CRT monitor away, they should have assigned someone to use it. However it seems that it is too late for that option because the CRT monitor is now planning for a sweet revenge to those people who decided to ignore him and use those high-end computer monitors instead. Screen Head is a very simple yet fun and delightful beat em up game. This game is very impressive in so many ways.

Screen Head is created by an independent game developer Nick Zangus as part of his jam entry for Ludum Dare #31. Basically, the aim of the game is to play the role of a mad CRT Monitor who is looking for a revenge. This can be done by taking over someone else’s body and control him to kill every employees you will encounter. The game is presented in a highly commendable 3D third person perspective. It is adorned with visually stunning details which takes you to a typical office environment and is accompanied by a well-fitting sound effects. Navigation is done using arrow keys and camera can be control by hovering the mouse.

Of course, the employees here will not be defenseless as they also got their own weapon. You can kill enemies in two possible way. First, you can use your acquired weapon (depends on the weapon used by your victim). Weapons can be in form of briefcase, folders and even staplers (long ranged). Another way to kill enemies is by transferring the CRT monitor from one body to another. It will transfer to the nearest body available. Just refrain the character from sustaining too much damage, otherwise, your game will come a quick end and you have to start back to the last checkpoint. Overall, I personally find the game truly addicting. With the game’s solid gameplay, well polished graphics and humorous approach, Screen Head is definitely a great catch! Enjoy!


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