Escape Character

Short but full of potential! That is how you can best describe Escape Character. It was created by an independent game developer named Zi as a part of a jam entry for Ludum Dare #31. In fact, the game received a lot of praises and won the second place for the jam. Considering that this was the author’s very first game entry and the creator was only given 72 hours to complete the game, Escape Character is indeed a great milestone. Basically, you play the role of a computer file who was lucky enough to be given a life and move on your own and navigate the computer where your epic journey will take place.

The game is truly impressive in so many aspects, The details were polished perfectly which takes the player in a very realistic computer software environment. The atmosphere will actually make you feel that you are truly inside the computer and you can explore almost everything from different file folders to some interactive dialog boxes and notepads. You are also endowed with a weapon which is basically the computer’s cursor that you can use using your mouse. Although you got limited areas to explore, the game’s comical approach is actually good and entertaining enough to give you a satisfying game experience.

The cursor can be used in two different ways. You can use it to open folders, tick check boxes to activate certain commands and you can also use it as a weapon. Yes, you got weapon so expect to encounter enemies along the way. I also like to note that you have a very limited lives to spare so make sure not to kill your character, otherwise, you will have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning. Aside from dealing with enemies, you might be asked to turn down firewalls or open certain files and more. Just to set some expectation, the game is relatively short. You can finish it with less than 10 minutes actually but then this game has a lot of potential and it is really interesting to find out that the author is planning to create a full game version of it and that is something we should look forward to!