Considering how many casual games are being released everyday either by bigger game companies or by some independent game developers through game jams and more, the competition in this kind of market is pretty tough. It is a challenge for any developer to make their creations visible online unless they really offer something unique and eye catching to gamers. For a typical gamer’s point of view, a great game can be defined by having a visually stunning graphics, solid gameplay, interactive features and more but for Daku, they only need a monochromatic environment, set of random geometrical shapes and a bouncing ring to give you a satisfying game experience.

Ultraflow is a simple yet fun and surprisingly strategical physics based puzzle game that allows you to explore a series of challenging and mind-twisting levels with varying range of complexity. Your main objective here is to move the small bouncing ring to a bigger one and this can be done by dragging it and by making it bounce through walls and platforms along the way. The challenge here is to figure out how to reach the bigger ring using the limited number of bounce that the small ring can make. If the ring consumes all the available bounces, it will vanish.

Interestingly, the game doesn’t follow a score system and the player has no time limit either but even though it is something the player can take advantage with, please be mindful that you cannot proceed to the next level until you surpass the challenge. Generally, the game has 99 levels to offer, it can be played either through the web or via Google Play for free. It has no hidden ads , no in-app purchases and is entirely made for fun! It is a great stress reliever that can also keep you way from getting bored!