Car Eats Car 3

Our car hero is back for another exciting and much more thrilling adventure. This time, his girlfriend was kidnapped by another evil vehicle and you must save her from them. However, this is not going to be an easy task because you have to pass through a series of challenging levels which means you have to overcome an overwhelming and seemingly interminable number of enemies and obstacles along the way. If you have been an avid follower of this game, then you should know how far Smokoko‘s Car Eats Car have gone! For the third time, a vast of wonderful improvements were applied for this game that makes Car Eats Car 3 more engaging and more interactive.

Compare to its predecessors, Car Eats Car 3 offers more action and more complicated obstacles. The amount of enemies here are way more overwhelming which makes the game more challenging. However, unlike the previous installment, the power items were highly increased in this game which makes it easy for the player to gather the resources he need to earn Turbo, gears or bombs. It is also interesting to note that you already have the Blaster installed in the car which is really advantageous because it is a kind of gadget that attacks automatically whenever the enemy is around.

The game still includes the shopping features that allows you to upgrade your car’s given attributes and also to buy bombs though the gems you collected along the way and new gadgets to installed through the cog gears you can also collect from each level. This game also introduces the Premium Contents. The items here can only be obtained if you managed to collect all the special items which can be acquired from the gift boxes you can collect along the way. The items from these gift box, however, are randomly generated so you might have to replay the same level over and over until you get them all which is absolutely a “thumbs up” for the game;’s re-playability. In addition to the premium contents, the game also features an Achievement board, Statistics, Boss Battles and more. Aside from the game’s solid gameplay, Car Eats Car 3 also features a visually stunning graphics and well fitting sound effects. It is a very wonderful game indeed!