What else can you expect from a lead designer in popular, addictive and highly acclaimed video games like Guitar Hero, Hamonix and Rock Band? Well, of course, we are expecting a game that will definitely amuse us in so many ways and Rob Kay never failed us with his new game Slope. It is so interesting to note that Slope is just a prototype game which was created within a surprising 30 minute time frame. The developer was truly overwhelmed by the massive response to his game.

Slope is arguably entertaining and surprisingly addictive endless running game that takes you to a stunning vector-inspired 3D atmosphere. Your main objective in this game is simple and that is nothing more but to get the highest score as possible and this can be done by reaching the farthest distance as you can. You are about to maneuver a 3D ball and navigate an endless path which is filled with various challenges along the way. The ball will actually roll automatically and the only thing you can do is to move or steer the ball on both sides using the left and right arrow keys.

This game will define simplicity at its best. Its straightforward mechanics is actually the game’s strongest points. If you fall into the forbidden zones or hit any of the obstacles along the way, the game will come a quick end and you just have to start back from the very beginning. One of the game’s interesting features is the highly interactive scoreboard which displays the top 100 players of all time. If you are skillful enough, then you might be able to outrank these players and put yourself on top. Overall, Slope is one satisfying game that you wouldn’t even mind playing over and over again. It’s not really surprising to see that the game is now being played million of times ever since it was published!