Sequel to Rogue Soul

I still remember myself playing Rouge Soul a year ago and how much hooked I am with this crazily addictive endless running flash game. In this game, you play the role of an ambitious thief who just want nothing but treasure and loots. He was just a typical thief before who just want to get what he wants until another rouge named Borin Hood (obviously a parody on Robin) who suddenly came into picture with a higher bounty than him. To outrank this guy and bring himself into the limelight, Borin decided to go on an extreme journey, an endless looting adventure to prove that no one can ever dethrone him from becoming the greatest rouge in town.

Two years after the game’s major success, SoulGame Studio from France surprisingly came up with a sequel to Rouge Soul but with a vast of wonderful improvements and changes to it. From a highly progressive running game, Rouge Soul 2 is now played in a level by level basis but you can retake the levels as many times as you want to earn more soulons (the game’s currency) and to unlock achievements. Graphics wise, Rouge Soul 2 captured the same visual design but with a dynamically changing environment. In the entire course of this game, all you do is to run, jump, slide, glide, stomp, slash, and gather more loots. In addition to that, you are also encouraged to free hostages along the way to earn Star points.

Once the level is cleared, you will be prompted back to the map screen where you can access the Shop, the Skins and the Soulbook. Shop allows you to buy various upgrades, power ups and additional special moves. Skins , on the other hand , allows you to customize your character’s appearance by changing its costume, weapon, projectiles and parachute. The upgrade here, however, requires Star Points instead of golds.
The Challenges feature, however, was taken out of the concept but that doesn’t really matter because this sequel has a much more commendable re-playability. The complexity of the game will drastically increased and it might cause you to play the same level over and over until you managed to make it through. Just a quick note! Please be mindful that this is an Auto Runner game. It is done and played in a strict linear progression and the screen will be chasing you from behind. Kindly refrain your character from being stuck, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you just have to start back from the beginning. Generally, I am very satisfied and happy with the sequel and I must say that it managed to capture the same amount of excitement I had from the first game. Here’s a video of the gameplay, so that you can see for yourself!