Do you know Raze? It’s the game series about an elite group of soldiers. It’s the game series about defending earth from invading enemies. It’s one of the most awesome side-scrolling shooter game series. I am glad to announce that there will be a new installment coming soon!

Raze 1 and Raze 2 were huge hits on the internet. Raze 1 was played almost 30 million times on ArmorGames alone. 30 million! This large amount of gameplays does not come as a surprise. The Raze games are extremely well polished, with tons of weapons, equipment, and abilities. Besides this, they are also really fun to play. The developers (Sky9Games) really know what they are doing and are very talented.

And now we got the announcement that a new installment in the series, Raze 3, will be coming out soon. According to the trailer released earlier (and found at the bottom of this post), it seems we have to fight yet another time against the brutal aliens to defend planet earth. But hey, isn’t this why the Raze elite task force was created for? So let’s hope we can soon play Raze 3 and beat the aliens for once and for all!